BlastIQ™ Insights Saved Reports

Saved Reports is a section where the user can access a list of reports that contain all of the dashboard views; these reports are created by the user at a specific point in time and stored in this section. The main objective of these reports is to enable quick access and sharing of the state of the blast at any point in time. HTML and PDF versions of the report are available in the Saved Reports section, the HTML version is fully interactive.

Create a Report

  1. Click on “Take Snapshot” located on the top right corner of any of the single blast dashboards.


Access Reports

  1. Click on View to open a full interactive HTML version of the report (this might take several seconds to load).
  2. or Download a non-interactive PDF version on any previously created reports in the list, noting the Report Created Date and Blast Name.
  3. You can also generate a report for a blast by selecting it from the "Blast" dropdown and pressing the "Create Report" button.






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