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Released 3rd December 2020


 **New Feature**

[SP6-850] - Expand selected surfaces - New option to expand selected surfaces to the blast extent



[SP6-807] - Exceptions view renamed to “Analytics View”

[SP6-843] - Analytics View - Update "Drill to Method" legend

[SP6-811] - Analytics View - Update Powder factor to enable viewing of Design, Actual or Design & Actual powder factors

[SP6-813] - Analytics View - New Energy Factor view

[SP6-414] - Hole type - New hole type drill tolerance

[SP6-639] - Hole type - New collar x,y tolerance

[SP6-825] - IREDES Import - New “IREDES Plan File” import of drill spacial data

[SP6-816] - IREDES Export - Updated to include left & right co-ordinate system exports

[SP6-837] - Strata intercepts - Added the ability to export strata intercept x,y,z co-ordinates

[SP6-829] - Initiation rules - references to primers removed

[SP6-823] - Text Import - Validation now applied when importing loading data (minimum field requirements are now enforced)

[SP6-838] - Design Length is now able to be updated when actual hole data exists

[SP6-851] - Surface recalculation is now disabled when manual intercepts are not used

[SP6-862] - Visibility Manager - Added stem height

[SP6-839] - Blast Properties - Strata Definitions - Added user definable Horizon colours

[SP6-841] - Initiation Rules - Show intercepts labels on rule horizons

[SP6-865] - Added new Tolerance page accessable from 'Tolerances' button in design data


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-828] - Holes emptied via the edit loading dialogue would incorrectly reapply when closing

[SP6-832] - Hole table export - Error when exporting data containing hole types 9-12

[SP6-842] - Loading Rules - Test rules for area condition not triggering

[SP6-835] - Hole Profile Rules - Rules were not triggering when RL values were imported in bottom up order

[SP6-849] - Hole Profile Logging Tool - Manual adjustment of strata was not triggering a reapplication of the rules

[SP6-788] - Boretrak Import - Exception error upon import of Pulsar data

[SP6-854] - Boretrak Import - Import file access error of Pulsar data

[SP6-844] - Esc was not deleting free selection loop



[SP6-805] - New WebGen initiation type created in the product database

[SP6-858] - Blast Properties - Remove obsolete Analytics settings (old exceptions)

[SP6-859] - BlastIQ Export - Inert products as now sent with a 0 weight

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