- SHOTPlus Beta - Release Notes

Released 23rd September 2020


**New Feature**

[SP6-573] - BlastIQ - Added the ability to move holes to another plan



[SP6-614] - Backfill / Redrill - Updated logic is now applied when the actual collar / toe coordinates are known


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-737] - Exceptions View - Temperature - History Graph was not displaying the date when mulltiple values for the same day existed

[SP6-749] - BlastIQ Import - Import into a blank file was missing design data

[SP6-748] - Exceptions View - Collar Variance (elev) was not working correctly in some instances

[SP6-746] - BlastIQ Import - Importing length values into a plan that contained drill data (drill data not uploaded to BlastIQ) resulted in incorrect calculations.

[SP6-741] - Text Import - Importing of actual collars was not recalculating intercepts

[SP6-740] - Exception Error when opening file

[SP6-738] - Profile Logging Tool - Multiple profile traces were not displaying

[SP6-734] - Add Row - Assume wet exception error

[SP6-731] - BlastIQ Blast Properties - Exception error

[SP6-733] - Initiation Rules - A new initiation product was not selectable

[SP6-745] - Initiation rules - EBS offset times were not reapplying in some instances

[SP6-743] - Change of drill bench surface was not recalculating strata intercepts

[SP6-750] - initiation rules - Duplicate ranges were able to be created



[SP6-747] - Updated report to include Handidets




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