SHOTPlus - Release Notes - SHOTPlus (6) - Release Notes 

Released  13th October 2020


**New Feature**

Added extended firing data with cosines



When snapping a design collar to a surveyed surface the hole state now remains as designed

New Short cut keys

  • ESC - Close all open tools
  • Backspace - Undo last action

**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Backfill was incorreclty updating when drill to RL was used 

Surface recalculated warning was incorrectly being triggered

BlastIQ - Move holes between plans exception error

PPV Time envelope - Graph was displaying the incorrect units

Initiation Rules - Incorrect prevention of overlapping ranges

Logger Import - Missing det when re-exporting

24 Intercepts - Loading rule tables were not showing tabs for intercepts >12



Updated external API


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