SHOTPlus™ Release Notes - v5.7.11

Released - 29th September 2020


*New Feature*

WebGen - Ability to filter & assign encoding order by explosive deck



DeviGyro & DeviShot - File Naming / Import improvements

Hole Profile Logging Tool - Change focus to always be on top

Improved warning when opeining a SP6 file

Update encoding path method for WebGen 200

WebGen Report - update charge # to true charge number

WebGen Extension Licence - Create extension licences for 100 & 200 WebGen

Calculations > EBS Logging Report - Added printable WebGen 200 report

New Blast Properites Option - New Option - Allow all charges (unchecked by default)

WebGen encoding - Added bendy ties to allow out of sequence tie ups to be visualised

Export WebGen 100 file - By Encoders

Added support for Carlson’s new .drl format for bore tracking


*Bug Fixes*

Fixed issues with;

BlastIQ Export - Angle & Bearing export format are incorrect

WebGen 100 logging summary - 0 deck causing out sequence deck numbering

WebGen 100 - Exception Error

Boretrack Import - Incorrect import

WegGen Extension Keys - Not activating correctly

Webgen 200 - Incorrect labeling in the Reassign GID form

WebGen encoding path - Middle mouse panning - incorrect drawing when in swipe mode

WebGen encoding path - Hidden charges were incorrectly being added to the encoding path

WebGen 200 - No leadins specified error

WebGen 100 .csv export - GID # was not showing correctly in the Ring ID column

Unable to open WebGen file - corrupt error



WebGen: updated specification

WebGen 200 - ICD update

Remove BlastIQ Options from SHOTPlus 5

Update SHOTPlus WebGen Detonator, Booster & DRX selection

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