SHOTPlus UG - Release Notes

Released 7th September 2020


**New Feature**

Extension licence - Created WebGen Extension Licence for SPUG

Ability to move holes in parallel by clicking the centre



 Added Detonator # to Loading Chart for WebGen

Mixed WebGen and EBS detonators are now allowed

Updated naming convention for WebGen 100 & 200

Adjusted significant figures on dimensions

Move/Copy entities now works for Blastholes


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Ring with single hole caused Ring View to not work properly

Zoom memory button causing error on next ring

Red X Appeared when trying to cut a Section

Dragging Layer into Default group(s) caused error

Encoder type did not change based on DRX version selected

Deck#, Position & Depth columns did not work in EBS Logging Summary



Confirmed and updated product range on product database

Included ring looking direction as report attribute



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