FRAGTrack™ - Viewing device telemetry

12. Website Telemetry Dashboard

New features have been added to the Device software that allow us to get more data on the hardware operating environment. With this new data, we have created additional dashboard visuals to provide more new visuals in FRAGTrack. The key data we can now receive:

  •  Image snapshots from the camera outside of trigger settings.

  •  Device heartbeat

  •  Installation Maintenance API feedback

  •  Device incoming power monitor

   12.1 Telemetry Dashboard overview

 This telemetry dashboard visualises the new operational data we receive from the devices. It is located in the top left corner of the dashboard page.



 12.2 Data Fields displayed in the Telemetry Dashboard:


    • Displays each Installation that has been created for the site
    • Does not display any deleted or archived Installations
  • Device
    • Displays the current device that is attached to an Installation
  • #Samples
    • Displays the number of samples that have been received within the default 24 hour period
    • Displays a coloured dot next to the sample number to identify how recent the latest sample was received.
      • Green = <4 hours
      • Orange = 4-24 hours
      • Red = >24 hours
  • Device Status
    • Displays whether an operating signal has been received from the device or not.
    • Signals are sent every one minute from the device.
      • Green = signal has been received from the device within the last three minutes.
      • Red = signal has not been received within the last three minutes.
  • Installation Status
    • Displays the current operational status of the Installation i.e. Shovel or conveyor.
    • This data is designed to be directly received from the customer’s maintenance system.
    • The feedback received is to identify when the Installation goes into a maintenance status for shutdown maintenance or repairs.
    • The status is displayed with a coloured dot.
      • Grey = No data available from the customer
      • Green = data available and equipment is operational.
      • Red = data is available and the equipment is down for maintenance.

 12.3 Camera Snapshot feature

 The Camera Snapshot feature is accessed by selecting the Camera icon in the top right of the telemetry dashboard.



When selected, the images page opens and the user is able to view recent images that have been captured from the device.

  •  Images are captured every ten minutes from the device
  •  Images are raw and have not been filtered through the triggering mechanism, which means they will highlight any unwanted operational issues that are affecting image capture. i.e.
    • Dusty conditions
    • Dirty lenses
    • Image signal not being resolved – blank screen
    • Camera has moved or been dislodged


  • Snapshot screen displays the last 3 images taken from the device.

  • The last image is the main large view and there are two small preview images.

  • When a preview image is selected it switches place with the main view image for better viewing.

  • An installations list is at the bottom left of the screen and allows the user to switch between each Installation to look at each device separately.


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