SHOTPlus UG - Beta - Release Notes

Released 3rd September 2020


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SPU-371] - Ring with single hole causes Ring View to not work properly

[SPU-427] - Zoom memory button causing error on next ring

[SPU-429] - Red X Appeared when trying to cut a Section

[SPU-432] - Dragging Layer into Default group(s) causes error



[SPU-398] - Confirm and update product range on BMS Console

[SPU-402] - Extension Licence - Create WebGen Extension Licence for SPUG

[SPU-405] - Ring Looking Direction as Report Attribute

[SPU-424] - Encoder Type does not change based on DRX version selected

[SPU-425] - Deck#, Position & Depth columns do not work in EBS Logging Summary

[SPU-430] - Ability to move Holes in parallel by clicking the centre

[SPU-431] - Move/Copy entities works for Blastholes

[SPU-433] - Allow mixed WebGen and EBS detonators

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