SHOTPlus - Release Notes

Planned release 17th August 2020


 **New Feature**
BlastIQ - Added the ability from within SHOTPlus to set information for;

Blast Tags

Blast KPI’s

Fire / Unfire a blast

Delete / Undelete a blast


The tags and KPIs will be reported in the new BlastIQ Insights releasing Q4 2020 and will not be shown in the current BlastIQ Insights.

Import - Added ability to import Lidar files in a .las format





Volume overview - Improved logic & performance for stab holes

Exceptions view - Show collars only option reinstated

Section tool - Current zoom is now persisted when switching rows

BlastIQ Export - Fired blasts are now included when determining existing blasts within the system

Clear actuals - Ability to select what actual values to clear


Exceptions view - Temperature - x axis was not being displayed when greater than 3 temp values existed

Fast Report - Blast quantity usage summary report updated to include design & actual values for volume & powder factor

Hole Types - Number of available hole types increased from 8 to 12


Intercepts - 12 intercepts are now available by default (6 intercepts previously)

EBS Tools - EBS hole time label in the visibility manager is now automatically activated when using the EBS time set tools

Edit hole - EBS offsets - EBS offset button is now inactive when editing a single hole (offsets can be edited via edit loading)

Edit hole - EBS offsets - Added new warning when editing offsets for multiple holes

BlastIQ export - Holes containing temperature values now get marked as truncate (rules will not reapply in the field)

Surface manager now displays the grade point name (if used) next to the registered surface


Surfaces - Default draw order updated to allow text to show in front of surfaces

Initiation Tie up - Improved responsiveness when tying up

Edit Loading - group edit - Added warning when editing loading for a group of selected holes

Hole Powder factor calculation improved to use the updated design volume

Hole ID - Underscore ( _ )  is now supported for hole ID

Volume calculation - Improved performance


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Manually added detonators were not getting an offset applied

Hole track drawing error when using a grade point as drill to method

BlastIQ export - reinstated warning when exporting rules with unsupported rule conditions

BlastIQ import - exception error for holes with null hole type or material type

Incorrect display of coal in some horizons

Visibility manager - Hole track options were not refreshing when activated

3D tools - Slow responsiveness

Slow responsiveness when using some tie tools / user defined delays

Incorrect warning message displayed when exporting with no rules

i-kon det ID’s duplicated group editing holes

Incorrect drawing of coal

Boretrak Import - Carlson format was not being read correctly

Exception Error - Item with same key has already been added

Exceptions view - Hole Proximity - Some text was being obscured

i-kon exceptions – Some recorded exceptions were not visible

EBS Tools - material boundary - some holes outside the material boundary were incorrectly recognised

Hole profile logging tool - Apply all was not applying to current selected hole

Hole profile logging tool - Multiple profile traces were unable to be viewed simultaneously

Loading Rules – Empty / Apply was not refreshing the charge track for some views

Pan Tool - Hole text was not reappearing after the completion of panning


Added PF design & PF actual to the RPTBlastSummary

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