- SHOTPlus Beta - Release Notes

Released 31st August 2020


**New Feature**

[SP6-725] - Initiation rules now have a rule number associated with each rule.


The initiation rule number is now displayed in brackets [  ] after the loading rule on hole diagrams. If multiple initiation rules have been applied these will be displayed in charge order.




[SP6-700] - Hole Volumes are now accessed via a separate tool with a new icon on the toolbar


[SP6-703] - For loading & initiation rules individual or groups of holes can now be set to ignore intercepts above a specified intercept.


[SP6-704] - Actual volume has now been renamed to Drilled volume.

[SP6-710] - BlastIQ Export - Improved error message when attempting to export a plan containing holes with no Hole ID

[SP6-730] - Imported dxf's with grouped points can now be used to register a surface


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-676] - Slow responsiveness when a hole on the plan view was moved

[SP6-709] - BlastIQ Blast Properties - Exception error when no tags or kpi’s were defined

[SP6-711] - BlastIQ Drill Data Import - Incorrect drawing of the drilled collar after importing from BlastIQ

[SP6-712] - BlastIQ Drill Data Import - Manually timed holes were incorrectly updating in some instances after import of drill data

[SP6-722] - Text Importer - Exception error when changing field type group

[SP6-723] - Surface Manager - Freezing when importing a dxf immediately after registering a previous dxf

[SP6-724] - Text Importer would incorrectly reset the view (scroll back to the first column) after assigning a previous column

[SP6-728] - Quantities were not updating when reloading holes in some instances

[SP6-721] - BlastIQ Blast Properties - KPI fields were not sized correctly







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