How to Configure and Enter Blast KPIs

During the BlastIQ™ Insights transition period, admin users will have to access Site Admin “V3” in the Admin Portal to configure the new Reporting Tolerances, Blast Tags, and KPIs.1-Admin_Portal.png


Allow BlastIQ™ users to set up and record numeric KPIs against a blast so that they can visualise such values in a blast report, blast table, and - more importantly - in a generic KPI Dashboard.

KPI Limits

The following limits apply:

  • KPI Name: 30 characters.
  • 20 KPIs per site.

Note: These numbers include deleted elements.

Setup in the Admin Portal

Create a New KPI

Click Add New on the KPI's section within a site's page in the Admin Portal.

Configuring the New KPI


  1. Name – free text used for display purposes.
  2. Units – free text used for display purposes, no calculations or conversions are affected.
  3. Number of Decimal Places – defines if the maximum of decimal places allowed when entering a KPI.
  4. Minimum value allowed - Defines the range of the values allowed when entering a KPI. Allows negative values.
  5. Maximum Values Allowed - Defines the range of the values allowed when entering a KPI. Allows negative values.
  6. Select a Colour Palette or Gradient from the drop-down list - allows consistent colour coding in the KPIs dashboard.
  7. Define the lower limits of the intermediate colours of the palette - only if a colour palette is selected in step 6. Not applicable to colour gradients.
  8. Define if the KPI allow value entry. Always leave this marked ‘True’ when creating a new KPI. Mark ‘False’ if you wish to hide this KPI from the KPI value entry screen but keep reporting on historical data for it.
  9. Save. 

Edit a KPI

Within the desired KPI, click on ‘Edit’ under the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu.


Edit the desired parameters and click ‘Save’.


- Users can disable the KPI value entry to prevent any new values to be entered for that KPI and only require to report on historical data. E.g., an old vibration monitoring point that is no longer monitored.

- KPIs may be deleted. Deleted KPIs will not be displayed in the SHOTPlus™ or BlastIQ™ Insights. These can be restored in the Admin Portal. Historical data is kept in the background; this is just a “soft delete."


Entry in SHOTPlus

Upload or Download a BlastIQ™ Blast

The “BlastIQ blast properties” module will only open and work for blasts that exist in the BlastIQ™ system.


Open Blast Properties

Under the BlastIQ™ menu, click on “BlastIQ™ Blast Properties”.



Enter New KPI Values


  1. Click ‘Add’.
  2. Select the desired KPI from the drop down list in the pop up window.
  3. Type in the desired KPI value.
  4. Click ‘OK’ to save.

Edit Existing KPI Value


  1. Select the desired KPI from the list of existing values.
  2. Click ‘Edit’.
  3. Type in the desired KPI value.
  4. Click ‘OK’ to save.
Entry in BlastIQ™ Insights

KPIs can also be entered through the Blast Management module in BlastIQ™ Insights.

Select a Blast


  1. Click on the 'Blast Management' tab on the left hand side menu. A list of maximum 25 blasts will be displayed, sorted by Date and Time Created.
  2. Type in to search for a specific blast. As the list displays a maximum of 25 blasts, continue typing to narrow the search if the desired blast does not appear on the list at first.
  3. Check this box to include Fired Blasts in the search if required.
  4. Check this box to include Deleted Blasts in the search if required.
  5. Click on the desired blast on the list.


Enter New KPI Values


  1. Click on the "KPIs" tab.
  2. Click on "Edit" to modify or enter a new KPI value.
  3. Click on the trash icon to 'delete' any existing value, if necessary.


Edit Existing KPI Values


  1. Type the desired numeric values for each specific KPI.
  2. Or use the up and down arrows to select a KPI value.
  3. Click "Save" to save the changes.

See BlastIQ™ Insights Blast Management for more details about the Blast Management Module.

Visualization in BlastIQ™ Insights

Blast Level Display

Blast Tags will be displayed in the Single Blast Quantities Dashboard. 22_-_Blast_Level_Display_KPI.png


KPIs Dashboard


Go to BlastIQ™ Insights - KPIs Dashboard to learn more.

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