Quick Start - Designing a Tunnel Blast

The following steps are provided as familiarisation with SHOTPlus T.

Set up preferences (File | Preferences)

  • Hole Types – assign names to the different hole types you may use eg. Lifter, Cut, Perimeter, Side, Back, Knee, Floor, etc.
  • Database – set region for local products to take effect

 Start a New Design (File | New)

  • Specify required Advance (shotholes will drill to this plane)
  • Select the products you wish to use for tunneling applications in Edit/Product Visibility

 Establish a Tunnel Perimeter

  • Use the Tunnel profile tool.  mceclip0.png

Add Blast Holes

  • Add holes using the Tunnel hole tool.  mceclip1.png

 Design, Add and Ungroup Cut

  • Use the Tunnel cut tool  mceclip2.png
  • Use Tools/Ungroup Cut Holes

 Load Blast Holes

  • Use the Edit Loading Rules tool  mceclip3.png
  • Then use the Loading Tool  mceclip4.png

 Time and Tie Blast Holes

  • Use the Inhole Detonator Tool  mceclip5.png
  • OR the E-Dev Timing Tool  mceclip6.png
  • Optionally tie LP detonators with the Harness tool  mceclip7.png

Check the Design

  • Simulate and test the design using the various rotational viewing options and the Calculations menu

 Place the design onto a Tunnel Line

  • Use the Project Overview to load a Centreline  mceclip8.png

 Print the design and reports

  • Use the Print Reports tool  mceclip9.png
  • Use the Print Plan tool  mceclip10.png
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