How to Configure and Enter Blast Tags

During the BlastIQ™ Insights transition period, admin users will have to access Site Admin “V3” in the Admin Portal to configure the new Reporting Tolerances, Blast Tags, and KPIs.1-Admin_Portal.png


Provide BlastIQ™ users with a way to tag blasts so they can visualize these tags and use them to filter, sort, or aggregate in BlastIQ™ Insights.

These tags will be used on the 'Other Filters' feature in the Dashboards to help search for a single blast or generate a Multiple Blast version of a Dashboard.

Blast Tag Limits

The following limits apply:

  • Tag Category Name: 20 characters.
  • Tag Name: 20 characters.
  • Tag (code): 30 characters.
  • 20 Tag Categories per site.
  • 200 Tags (across all categories) per site.

Note: These numbers include deleted elements.

Setup in the Admin Portal

Create a Tag Category

Click Add New on the Blast Tags section within a site's page in the Admin Portal.

Define the Display Name and if the Category allows multiple tag entry (True or False). Click ‘Save’.

Tip: Allow multiple Tag entry for Tag Categories such as Geology or Shotfirer, NOT for Pit or Bench.



Edit a Tag Category

Display Name and Allow Multiple Value Entry settings can be edited later by clicking Actions/Edit in the Tag Category level.



Create a Tag

Within a Tag Category, click on ‘Add New’ on the top right corner of the Tags table.

Define a Tag Name and a Tag (code)

It is recommended to use Tag (codes) that are self-explanatory, e.g. include the category name.


  • Category Name: Pit
  • Tag Name: A
  • Tag (code): pit-A



- The Tag (code) will be autogenerated and can be edited by the user before the creation of the tag.

- Tag (code), Tag Name and Tag Category name are required to be unique for the site, even across deleted Tags and Categories.

Edit a Tag

Within the Tag category, click on ‘Edit’ under the ‘Actions’ column in the Tags table for the desired Tag.


- The Tag (code) cannot be modified, only the Tag Name name can be edited

- Tags may be deleted. Deleted Tags will not be displayed in the SHOTPlus™ or BlastIQ™ Insights. These can be restored in the Admin Portal. Historical data is kept in the background; this is just a “soft delete."

Entry in SHOTPlus

Upload or Download a BlastIQ™ Blast

The “BlastIQ™ Blast Properties” module will only open and work for blasts that exist in the BlastIQ™ system.


Open Blast Properties

Under the BlastIQ™ menu, click on “BlastIQ™ Blast Properties”.



Select Blast Tags and Save

  1. Navigate through the Tag Categories.
  2. Check or Uncheck the Tags.
  3. Click ‘Update BlastIQ™’ to save.

Notes: Multiple Selection of Tags is possible within a specific Tag Category if "allow multiple value entry" enabled in the Admin Portal. Unsaved selection of tags will not be recoverable if the Blast Properties section is closed.


Entry in BlastIQ™ Insights

Tags can also be entered through the Blast Management module in BlastIQ™ Insights.

Select a Blast


  1. Click on the 'Blast Management' tab on the left hand side menu. A list of maximum 25 blasts will be displayed, sorted by Date and Time Created.
  2. Type in to search for a specific blast. As the list displays a maximum of 25 blasts, continue typing to narrow the search if the desired blast does not appear on the list at first.
  3. Check this box to include Fired Blasts in the search if required.
  4. Check this box to include Deleted Blasts in the search if required.
  5. Click on the desired blast on the list.


Enter New Tag Values


  1. Select the "Tags" Tab.
  2. Click "Edit".

Edit Tags


  1. Click on the edit box or the down arrow for a specific Tag Category, a drop-down list will appear with the available Tags.
  2. Select the desired Tag(s).
  3. Remove Tags by clicking on the 'x' icon of a particular Tag.
  4. Or the 'X' on the right of the edit box to clear all Tags for that Tag Category.
  5. Click "Save" to save the changes.

See BlastIQ™ Insights Blast Management for more details about the Blast Management Module.

Visualization in BlastIQ™ Insights

Blast Level Display

Blast Tags will be displayed in the Single Blast Quantities Dashboard. 14_-_Blast_Level_Display.png


Tag Filtering (upcoming release)

  • Filter blasts based on Blast Tags using 'Other Filters' in Dashboards, displaying the list of tags under each category, and allowing multiple tag filtering.
  • Multiple selections within a Blast Tag Category will use 'OR' filtering logic, while Tags in different categories will use ‘AND’ filtering logic.

Using Other Filters – Example

  • Blast Tag Category 1: "Geology" - List of Possible Tags: "Granite", "Limestone" and "Sandstone" (configured to allow multiple tags within the category).
  • Blast Tag Category 2: "Blast Type" - List of Possible Tags: "Production", “Buffer” and “Pre-split” (configured to NOT allow multiple tags within the category).
  • Blasts in a site are tagged with some of the above Blast Tags using Shotplus.
  • In BlastIQ™ Insights (3), the users can use the Other Filters to select the tags “Granite” and “Limestone” for the “Geology” category and “Production” from the “Blast Type” category.


  • After applying, this selection will return only blasts that have “Granite” OR “Limestone” AND “Production” tags.




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