- SHOTPlus Beta - Release Notes

Released 14th August 2020


**New Feature**



[SP6-649] - Surfaces - Default draw order updated to allow text to show in front of surfaces

[SP6-686] - Initiation Tie up - Improved responsiveness when tying up

[SP6-685] - Edit Loading - group edit - Added warning when editing loading for a group of selected holes

[SP6-689] - Hole Powder factor calculation improved to use the updated design volume

[SP6-690] - Hole ID - Underscore ( _ )  is now supported for hole ID

[SP6-687] - Volume calculation - Improved performance


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-688] - Incorrect warning message displayed when exporting with no rules

[SP6-691] - I-kon det ID’s duplicated group editing holes

[SP6-692] - Incorrect drawing of coal



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