- SHOTPlus Beta - Release Notes

Released 7th August 2020 - Technical release - no release notes


**New Feature**

BlastIQ - Added the ability from within SHOTPlus to set information for;

[SP6-633] - Blast Tags

[SP6-632] - Blast KPI’s

[SP6-612] - Fire / Unfire a blast

[SP6-673] - Delete / Undelete a blast


[SP6-662] - Import - Added ability to import Lidar files in a .las format





[SP6-672] - Hole Types - Number of available hole types increased from 8 to 12


[SP6-671] - Intercepts - 12 intercepts are now available by default (6 intercepts previously)

[SP6-670] - EBS Tools - EBS hole time label in the visibility manager is now automatically activated when using the EBS time set tools

[SP6-668] - Edit hole - EBS offsets - EBS offset button is now inactive when editing a single hole (offsets can be edited via edit loading)

[SP6-669] - Edit hole - EBS offsets - Added new warning when editing offsets for multiple holes

[SP6-674] - BlastIQ export - Holes containing temperature values now get marked as truncate (rules will not reapply in the field)

[SP6-883] - Surface manager now displays the grade point name (if used) next to the registered surface



**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-653] - Manually added detonators were not getting an offset applied

[SP6-667] - Hole track drawing error when using a grade point as drill to method

[SP6-666] - BlastIQ export - reinstated warning when exporting rules with unsupported rule conditions

[SP6-679] - BlastIQ import - exception error for holes with null hole type or material type

[SP6-680] - Incorrect display of coal in some horizons

[SP6-678] - Visibility manager - Hole track options were not refreshing when activated

[SP6-677] - 3D tools - Slow responsiveness

[SP6-675] - Slow responsiveness when using some tie tools / user defined delays



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