- SHOTPlus Beta - Release Notes

Released 17th July 2020 & - Technical releases - no release notes


**New Feature**

[SP6-618] - New BlastIQ export options;

Export all BlastIQ values by the blast for hole or deck measurements


Export hole or deck measurements for an individual hole


[SP6-619] - Set site & resources for the blast via the BlastIQ menu





[SP6-615] - Limited WebGen products to only those applicable to selected version

[SP6-617] - Hole History - Equipment field added to hole history

[SP6-624] - Exceptions View - Drill variance - Design collar now displayed against the actual collar

[SP6-629] - Filter & Search - Added a new search for holes added by BlastIQ


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-611] - Slow responsiveness when completing initiation tie ups

[SP6-620] - Logged i-kon detonator ID’s were being removed when importing blast data from BlastIQ

[SP6-623] - Exceptions View - Drill variance was not being calculated correctly

[SP6-622] - Incorrect length was being used to draw the drill track

[SP6-621] - Hole diagram - Hole Table - Initiation text was overlapping in some circumstances

[SP6-626] - BlastIQ import - Added holes in the system where being imported incorrectly



[SP6-616] - Implemented authentication code for internal users

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