- SHOTPlus Beta - Release Notes

Released 28th July 2020


**New Feature**



[SP6-565] - Volume overview - Improved logic & performance for stab holes

[SP6-556] - Exceptions view - Show collars only option reinstated

[SP6-645] - Section tool - Current zoom is now persisted when switching rows

[SP6-661] - BlastIQ Export - Include fired blasts when determining existing blasts within the system

[SP6-657] - Clear actuals - Ability to select what actual values to clear

[SP6-651] - Exceptions view - Temperature - x axis was not being displayed when greater than 3 temp values existed

[SP6-665] - Fast Report - Blast quantity usage summary report updated to include design & actual values for volume & powder factor


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-630] - Boretrak Import - Carlson format was not being read correctly

[SP6-584] - Exception Error - Item with same key has already been added

[SP6-647] - Exceptions view - Hole Proximity - Some text was being obscured

[SP6-658] - i-kon exceptions – Some recorded exceptions were not visible

[SP6-655] - EBS Tools - material boundary - some holes outside the material boundary were incorrectly recognised

[SP6-659] - Hole profile logging tool - Apply all was not applying to current selected hole

[SP6-664] - Hole profile logging tool - Multiple profile traces were unable to be viewed simultaneously



[SP6-663] - Added PF design & PF actual to the RPTBlastSummary

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