SHOTPlus - Release Notes

Released 20th July 2020


**New Feature**

New BlastIQ export options;

  • Export all BlastIQ values by the blast for hole or deck measurements


  • Export hole or deck measurements for an individual hole


Set the site & available resources for the blast plan via the BlastIQ menu




 New exceptions view - Drilling variance by elevation for both collar and toe


Limited the selection of WebGen products to only those applicable to the version being used

Hole History - Equipment field added to the hole history

Exceptions View - Drill variance - Design collar now displayed against the actual collar

Filter & Search - Added a new search for holes added by BlastIQ


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Amount of water was not being sent correctly to BlastIQ once water had been cleared

DXF import error

Setting wet hole unknown amount was unavailable for multiple selected holes

Slow responsiveness when completing initiation tie ups

Logged i-kon detonator ID’s were being incorrectly removed when importing blast data from BlastIQ

Exceptions View - Drill variance was not being calculated correctly

Incorrect length was being used to draw the drill track

Hole diagram - Hole Table - Initiation text was overlapping in some instances

BlastIQ import - Added holes in the system were being imported incorrectly



Implemented authentication capability for internal users

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