- SHOTPlus Beta - Release Notes

Released 1st July 2020


**New Feature**

[SP6-582] - BlastIQ Upload - Enabled the ability to upload blasts containing up to 24 intercepts

[SP6-597] - Ability to select holes by horizon from the Filter & search dialogue box



[SP6-581] - Boretrack wizard updated to support the modified Carlson format

[SP6-594] - Added new option (blast properties > loading chart) to choose loading chart font size for printed reports

[SP6-583] - Right click option to set the horizon for multiple holes

[SP6-596] - Holes containing no strata intercepts are now assigned to horizon 1


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-577] - Incorrect air deck included in actual loading

[SP6-576] - Rock index value was being incorrectly handled when in imperial units

[SP6-574] - BlastIQ upload - Exception error when using a sub string rule condition

[SP6-586] - Loading rules - Unhandled exception when adding the 24th intercept

[SP6-587] - Loading Tool - Drawing error when using 24 Intercepts

[SP6-588] - Initiation rules - Horizon 13 and above were not available when using 24 intercepts

[SP6-579] - Exception error when opening the tables from within the loading rules

[SP6-591] - Loading tables were disabled when only 1 deck was present in the load rule

[SP6-585] - Some strata surfaces were being assigned to the incorrect layer

[SP6-598] - Text boxes were showing as solid black

[SP6-595] - Amount of water was not being sent if the water value was less than the wet state tolerance

[SP6-593] - Hole profile logging tool - Manual setting of intercepts was not being saved

[SP6-578] - Charge track was not being drawn for some holes

[SP6-599] - EBS Timing Tool - Row set - Ctrl click option was incorrectly setting the EBS hole time

[SP6-600] - Initiation Rules - First detonator in the list was not able to be selected



[SP6-589] - Help center link under >Help updated to link to the new help center page

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