2.15.0 - SHOTPlus Tunnels Beta Version

Released 10th July 2020


 **Bug Fixes**

[BT-133] - Hole Tool Error

[BT-134] - DXF import/export do not handle 3D circles correctly

[BT-136] - Warning about not having the latest version

[BT-140] - Split SHOTPlus-T source code from ShotPlusSuite into its own repository

[BT-163] - Investigate and fix "ThrowKeyNotFoundException"

[BT-165] - Error when attempting to create profile

[BT-166] - IREDES import fails because profile is a closed loop.

[BT-167] - SPT crashes when profile created.

[BT-170] - IREDES import. Holes with zero ø are invisible.

[BT-172] - Cut Tool - Edit/New Template not allowing holes longer than 5m

[BT-173] - Creating a new blast design while using a template causes unrecoverable error.

[BT-176] - SP T custom profile editor UI quirk

[BT-178] - Project Costs Window (1/3)

[BT-183] - Project Costs Window (2/3)

[BT-184] - Calculations

[BT-185] - Project Costs Window (3/3)

[BT-186] - Product Database Updates 1

[BT-194] - Editing Vibration monitors in Project Overview causes Error

[BT-195] - Tunnel scans disappear after saving and closing comparison.

[BT-196] - Reverting to old SP skin in Profile Editor

[BT-200] - Loss of information when duplicating blasts

[BT-203] - SSR-Viewer (GroundProbe) changes

[BT-204] - New menu item to set fan hole angles

[BT-205] - New menu item to set floor angles on fan

[BT-197] - Objects not selectable even though layer is not frozen



[BT-126] - Invalid Chainages

[BT-129] - Tunnel Section Error TKT 5565

[BT-132] - Implement new SHOTPlus graphics

[BT-164] - Allow 3D rotate when pressing the SHIFT key with middle mouse wheel

[BT-168] - Restore old Hole Tool workbox for non-ALPHA builds

[BT-190] - Connect Help - Help Center to BlastIQ support site

[BT-191] - Connect Help - Release notes to BlastIQ release notes site

[BT-198] - Export to SSR Viewer

[BT-199] - Export to Robodrill


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