BlastIQ Mobile July 2020 Release

Orica will release an update to BlastIQ Mobile in July, 2020. 

 A notification will appear in the BlastIQ Mobile app on start-up once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from the specialist.

For further information on an update to the software, please contact the Support Team at or via the web

Features included in the June release

Capture temperature:

  • Capture temperature against each hole
  • Information is sent back to SHOTPlus to apply loading rules




Expand/Collapse Button:

  • Expand/collapse button has been included on the charging panel to quickly expand the hole diagram when decks are stacked in a complex blast situation. This button expands the diagram to where no deck cards are stacked.



Layout & UI Updates:

  • Data capture fields have been updated to combine the design and actual in one field for Hole Depth and Diameter. Design values are in italics.


  • Updates to the icon for the charging panel to indicate how to open and close the panel. The cross has been removed from the corner of the charging panel and instead to close the panel users need to click on the charging icon again.



  • Updates to how to access the more options for each hole. Arrow on the right hand opens the panel on both the list view and the charging panel. 




  • Holes added on the device are identified by a green strip on the left of the row instead of a different font size 


  • Visual indication that a filter is active



Keypad Update:

  • Update to the colour scheme on the keypads for easier viewing in the outdoors, and to better identify which field is selected.


Other Features:

  • Increase the supported number of strata intercepts from 12 to 24

Bugs Fixed:

  • Keyboard cursor stops moving after "-" is typed
  • Stacked deck label doesn't return to the selected deck after data is entered against it
  • Trying to add a hole with greater than 8 characters causes an invalid state
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