SHOTPlus - Release Notes

Released 8th July 2020


**New Feature**

Hole Loading Tool - Now displays Design, Updated Design & Actual Loading diagrams

New Exceptions Views;

  • Hole Depth
  • BlastIQ hole states
  • Diameter
  • Drill to method
  • Bearing
  • Collar/Toe - Design vs Actual variance

Surfaces - Ability to create grade, design, dipped & drilled surfaces from the visibility manager

A solid representation of coal between intercepts is now able to be displayed in the 3D or section views 

Ability to set the first intercept for multiple selected holes

BlastIQ Upload - Enabled the ability to upload blasts containing up to 24 intercepts

Ability to select holes containing specific horizons from the Filter & Search dialogue box



Initiation Rules - New “No Horizons” rule for holes containing no intercepts.

Drill Depth Upload - Design coordinates are now inferred as actuals when only drill depth is available to ensure compatibility with the BlastIQ system

Text Import - Drill Data Acknowledgement when importing incomplete drill data

Toe coordinates and EBS delays are now available to the Report manager

Filter & Search - Hole States - Updated hole to include BlastIQ hole states

Included user defined delays in SHOTPlus Standard

Exceptions view legend is now a fixed size

Temperature is now supported by BlastIQ for upload & download

Mark Out Tool - Toe, at distance and collar boundaries are now distinct colours for easier identification

Hole Profile tool - Now stays on top of open windows within SHOTPlus when a hole is selected

Initiations rules - in some instances the second charge within the same horizon was not being recognised

Charge Track - Stemming is now shown as part of the charge track

BlastIQ - Prevents upload for timestamps more than 30 days old

Changed the title of the “Edit design range” dialog to “Add range” in for initiation rules

Design Loading - loading rules now apply to the design upon first actual value update.

BlastIQ Export - SHOTPlus file now auto saves after completion of upload to ensure system ID’s are saved

DeviGyro & DeviShot - File naming & import improvements

Strata definition rule colours are now displayed on the profile trace for the hole table and loading tool

Strata Intercepts - number of available intercepts increased to 24 (requires extension key)

Surface Expansion - Intercepts are now not assigned to holes that have a profile trace containing no intercepts

Improved responsiveness when deleting holes or using timing tools

Hole profile tool - Intercept values can now be edited including negative values.

Boretrack wizard updated to support the modified Carlson format

Added new option (blast properties > loading chart) to choose loading chart font size for printed reports

Right click option to set the horizon for multiple holes (only applies to holes with no horizon)


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Initiation Rules - Duplicate rule issue

Actual depth - Formatting issue when using a comma

Initiation rules were not applying correctly when all hole types were used

BlastIQ Import - Actuals with only drill depth were displaying incorrect actual loading values

Exception error when opening the hole table

EBS tools were not included by default in SHOTPlus Standard

BlastIQ Quarry upload error

BlastIQ Quarry - Quota exceeded exception error upon download

BlastIQ upload - material type for rules was being incorrectly sent as a numerical value

Incorrect calculated excavated volume for fast reports

Added 'Loading Comments' to Report data, and updated RPTHole.DipHistory.SetBy data source.

Name of the primer in the “edit design range” dialog required resizing

Design tracks were not updating after applying a new angle and/or bearing

Text Export - Deck order was being incorrectly exported

Exception error - column visibility

Exception error - file already open in excel

Hole Volumes - Collar to toe hole volumes were not being included in the calculations

Hole profile tool - not refreshing when changing intercepts

Hole Profile tool - unable to clear intercepts for holes containing only 1 intercept

Text Import - Actual deck weight was not populating correctly in some instances

BlastIQ export - Intercept validation error

Hole profile tool - Tool was not closing correctly in some instances

Hole Profile tool - Rules were incorrectly applying under the profile trace

DXF Import - layer colours were not being correctly recognised

BlastIQ export - System library error upon export

Incorrect air deck included in actual loading

Rock index value was being incorrectly handled when in imperial units

BlastIQ upload - Exception error when using a sub string rule condition

Loading rules - Unhandled exception when adding the 24th intercept

Loading Tool - Drawing error when using 24 Intercepts

Initiation rules - Horizon 13 and above not available when using 24 intercepts

Exception error when opening the tables from within the rules

Loading tables were disabled when only 1 deck was present in the load rule

Some strata surfaces were being assigned to the incorrect layer

Text boxes were showing as solid black

Amount of water was not being sent if the water value was less than the wet state tolerance

Hole profile logging tool - Manual setting of intercepts was not being saved

Charge track was not being drawn for some holes

EBS Timing Tool - Row set - Ctrl click option was incorrectly setting the EBS hole time

Initiation Rules - First detonator in the list was not able to be selected

Hole Profile Tool - Manual editing of intercept values were incorrectly updating the preceding intercept

Drill to surface - Some holes were not drilling to the assigned surface

Holes with no temperature were incorrectly being assigned a -300 value.



Updated WebGen specifications

Added a Design Volume and Actual Volume to the Hole record

Help center link under <Help updated to link to the new help center page


**Minimum Ivanti Global Whitelist policy**

How to check installed Ivanti Global Whitelist policy version

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