- SHOTPlus Beta - Release Notes

Released 16th June 2020


**New Feature**

[SP6-537] - Surfaces - Ability to create grade, design, dipped & drilled surfaces from the visibility manager

[SP6-552] - A solid representation of coal between intercepts is now able to be displayed in the 3D or section views 

[SP6-557] - Ability to set the first intercept for multiple selected holes



[SP6-355] - Charge Track - Stemming is now shown as part of the charge track

[SP6-534] - Exception View - Drilling - Bearing

[SP6-543] - Exception view - Collar/Toe - Design vs Actual variance

[SP6-540] - BlastIQ - Prevent upload for timestamps more than 30 days old

[SP6-550] - Changed the title of the “Edit design range” dialog “Add range”

[SP6-544] - Design Loading - Apply loading rules to design upon first actual value update.

[SP6-562] - BlastIQ Export – SHOTPlus file now auto saves after completion of upload to ensure system ID’s are saved

[SP6-551] - DeviGyro & DeviShot - File naming & import improvements

[SP6-568] - Strata definition rule colours are now displayed on the profile trace for the hole table and loading tool

[SP6-221] - Strata Intercepts - number of available intercepts increased to 24 (requires extension key)

[SP6-564] - Surface Expansion - Intercepts are now not automatically assigned to holes that have a profile trace containing no intercepts

[SP6-563] - Hole profile tool - Intercept values can now be edited including negative values.


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-538] - Incorrect calculated excavated volume for fast reports

[SP6-524] - Added 'Loading Comments' to Report data, and updated RPTHole.DipHistory.SetBy data source.

[SP6-549] - Name of the primer in the “edit design range” dialog required resizing

[SP6-548] - Design tracks were not updating after applying a new angle and/or bearing

[SP6-553] - Text Export - Deck order was being incorrectly exported

[SP6-555] - Exception error - column visibility

[SP6-556] - Exception error - file already open in excel

[SP6-554] - Hole Volumes - Collar to toe hole volumes were not being included in the calculations

[SP6-558] - Hole profile tool - not refreshing when changing intercepts

[SP6-560] - Hole Profile tool - unable to clear intercepts for holes containing only 1 intercept

[SP6-547] - Text Import - Actual deck weight was not populating correctly in some instances

[SP6-546] - BlastIQ export - Intercept validation error

[SP6-570] - Hole profile tool - Tool was not closing correctly in some instances

[SP6-569] - Hole Profile tool - Rules were incorrectly applying under the profile trace

[SP6-565] - DXF Import - layer colours were not being correctly recognised

[SP6-572] - BlastIQ export - System library error upon export

[SP6-571] - Improved responsiveness when deleting holes or using timing tools



[SP6-539] - Added a Design Volume and Actual Volume to the Hole record


**Minimum Ivanti Global Whitelist policy**

How to check installed Ivanti Global Whitelist policy version

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