FRAGTrack™ - Exporting insights

FRAGTrack - Generating Data Exports

After saving one or more Insights it is possible to export all data from the current Insight using the Export Insight option to a Microsoft Excel (XLS) file (for use in your own BI Tools or internal systems).

To export your Insight data, first select a custom Insight (it is not possible to export the data for “All Installations”) - Refer to Understanding the Insight Screen

Next, select the Export Insight option (top right).

Your download should commence immediately and will normally be saved to your PC’s ‘Downloads’ folder in Microsoft Excel format. The format of the filename will some the name of the Insight followed by the current date and time. E.g.

Open the file with Microsoft Excel to explore the data from your current Insight. Note that the data is exported into two separate tabs:

  1. Filter Distribution
  2. Filter Tabular

Distribution - exports Sample data for the following fields:

  • Particle Size (m)
  • % In Bin        
  • Cumulative %
  • Mass In Bin (kg)        
  • Cumulative Mass (kg)
  • Installation


Tabular - exports a comprehensive dataset including the following fields (when available):

  • Time Stamp
  • Latitude (°)
  • Longitude (°)
  • Altitude (m)
  • Sample Area (m²)
  • Sample Mass (kg)
  • Installation
  • 60mm (ave) (m)
  • 80% (ave) (m)        
  • 80% (ave) (m)        
  • 80% (m)        
  • 50% (m)

Note - while the Filters selected update the charts displayed in the current view, this does not change the data exported (all data is exported for the current Insight).

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May 2020

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