FRAGTrack™ - Creating and managing insights

FRAGTrack - Creating and managing Insights

To create a New Insight select the New option from the Insight Controls area.

In the modal popup that appears please enter a name for your new Insight.

When you are done select Save to continue, or select Cancel to go back.

After saving your Insight, it will be created enabling you to specify your own Filters and Defaults. Refer to Adding an Insight Filter and using Defaults.

Note that after creating a new Insight, or selecting an existing Custom Insight using the drop-down option, that it is possible to work with the New, Edit, Duplicate, and Delete options (Insight Controls).


New (is covered above).

Edit allows you to update the Insight name.

Delete allows you to delete the Insight (you will be prompted to confirm the action). Please note that once an Insight is deleted it can not be recovered.

Duplicate allows you to create a copy of your existing Insight and save it with a different name.

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May 2020

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