FRAGTrack™ - Understanding the insight screen


FRAGTrack - Understanding the Insight Screen


  1. The Insight screen can be accessed at any time (except in full-screen mode) by using the Insight Icon left of the screen. By default, the Insight screens display the Run Chart view for all Installations.




  1. To get the most out of the Insight Screen it is important to understand all of the available options in this view.

Spending time to create your own Insights will ensure that you are able to effectively visualise your fragmentation profile for each Installation and complete the required analysis to facilitate blast optimisation for downstream impact.

The key functional areas in the Insight Screen are:

  1. Insight Controls
  2. Export Insight
  3. Filters & Defaults
  4. Chart View


  1. Insight Controls

The Insight controls (top left of the Insight area) are used to toggle between Insights (using the dropdown) and can also be used to New, Edit, Delete and Duplicate existing Insights.



Note that the default Insight can not be edited so the Edit, Delete and Duplicate options are greyed out when this selected. After you have created a New Insight using the New option it is possible to use these controls - refer to Creating and Managing Insights.

Note also that on smaller screens these controls will appear without their labels (to save space in the user interface).

  1. Export Insight

After saving one or more Insights it is possible to export all data from the current Insight using the Export Insight option to a Microsoft Excel file - refer to Generating Data Exports.



  1. Filters and Defaults

Insights are collections of Filters. Within each Filter you are able to define a date range for one or more Installations. The ‘All Installations’ Insight, by default, displays the Date Range of 1 day for each Installation - refer to Adding an Insight Filter and using Defaults.

Note - while you are able to make changes to the Default Insight, you can not save changes made to the ‘All Installations’ Insight.

  1. Chart View

The Chart View Area displays all Run Charts, along with Cumulative and Distribution Charts for any Filters selected (these can be selected/deselected, or removed) at the top of the Chart View - refer to Viewing RunChart Sample Data and Cumulative and Distribution Charts for more information on viewing and interpreting Chart Data.

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