FRAGTrack™ - Managing your website preferences

FRAGTrack - Managing your FRAGTrack Preferences

To manage your FRAGTrack Preferences select from the menu options (top right), your username > Preferences.

From this screen, you adjust both your Measurement and Trace preferences which will then be applied across all Run Charts and saved to your user account. In FRAGTrack Trace Preferences are used to determine how Sample data is displayed on your RunCharts.

Note - Preferences are user-specific and are not applied to your entire organisation by default.

From the bottom of the Preferences screen, it is possible to adjust the default Measurement Preferences for the current user.

Simply select the preferred unit of measure for the Length, Area, and Mass and then select Save Preferences.

For each unit of measure the following options are available:


  • Meters
  • Millimeters
  • Inches
  • Feet


  • Square Feet
  • Square Meters


  • Kilograms
  • Pounds

When viewing the Trace Preferences for the first time, note that the Default (system generated Traces) are displayed.

The Default Trace preferences cannot be modified, however, it is possible to specify your own custom Trace/s. Note again that Traces are set globally per User, any edit/deletion will affect each Insight.

To modify existing User Specified Traces, or to create a new Trace toggle the Default/User Specified option at the top of this component. This will then display any existing Traces configured by the current user.

Select Create New Trace to open the new Trace form in a popup window.

From this screen, it is possible to configure the following options.




Sample Type

  • Sample
  • Centered Average
  • Trailing Average
  • Leading Average

Sample displays the plot only whereas the other options show either a centered, trailing or leading average.

Parameter Type

  • Percent Passing
  • Particle Size

Selects either Samples that pass a defined threshold, or a specific scale for each Particle (Sample).


  • Percentage
  • Meters (sq)

Percentage is the default for Percent Passing whereas Meters is required for Particle Size.


  • Free text        

This defaults to the Parameter size or Percent Passing, although it can be renamed to anything.


  • Color Picker        

The HEX color value will be applied to your Sample or Average.

Dash Style

  • Solid
  • Dash
  • Dash Dot
  • Dash Dot Dot
  • Dot        

The selection here will be displayed on your Averages when viewing run charts.


The number of Preference available here ensure that you (and your company) are able to effectively visualise your fragmentation profile analysis, facilitating blast optimisation for downstream impact.

When you have finished updating your Trace Preferences select Create Trace. You new Trace will now be available when Creating and saving and Insight.

If you wish to cancel the action select the Cancel option or the [ X ] icon top right.

By toggling on/off the Display checkbox you're able to choose which traces will be visible in your runcharts

To edit or delete an existing User Specified Trace select the Edit or >Trash options from the User Specified Trace list view.



You will be asked to confirm the deletion of any existing Trace, as this will remove this trace from every Insight.

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May 2020

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