FRAGTrack™ - Working with run charts

FRAGTrack - Working with FRAGTrack Run Charts

The Run Chart view is the default view (tab) for each Insight and displays data from one or more Filters as a Run Chart.


Note that data visualisation here is generated based on default options, or customised to your own preferences. Refer to Managing your FRAGTrack Preferences to learn more about defining trace colours and measurements.

The data in each Run Chart can also be customised by selecting one or more Installations and the date ranges to compare - please refer to Adding an Insight Filter and using Defaults.

Each Run Chart displays data for the Insight Filters selected, and is rendered using your own user preferences. The x-axis of the chart displays the Particle Size of your samples, while the y-axis charts the date range selected. The box chart (left) represents the min/max/mean/median/q1/q3 for the available sample data.

Note - the total number of samples for each Insight Filter is recorded below the Run Chart (bottom right).

If the Filter’s date range is < 14 days the chart displays in Standard Mode (pictured above), whereas if the range is > 14 days the Chart will display in Summary mode (below).

The Chart switches to Summary Mode, as the total number of samples within this range, can not be effectively visualised in the Standard Mode.

In the Standard view, it is possible to highlight specific samples, which will display an info bubble containing the sample’s date and time, size, and the average in the sample set (this is dynamic, based on your Trace Preferences).



Selecting a specific Sample from the Run Chart displays a detailed view of the Sampling Including the cumulative Distribution (Mass Percent Passing vs Particle Size), and actual FRAGTrack images recorded from the Installation device.

From this view, it is also possible to:

Download the sample details - selecting the Sample Details link will export the Sample’s detailed meta information and imaging data.

Navigate to < Previous and Next > Samples - allows you to step between sample details sequentially.

Collapse the details view using the Hide Sample Data option.

Note - it is possible to view sample data from one more Filters within the current Insight.

For further information on other types of FRAGTrack data visualisations refer to Working with FRAGTrack Run Charts.

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May 2020

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