FRAGTrack™ - Cumulative and distribution charts

FRAGTrack - Cumulative and Distribution Charts

FRAGTrack provides a number of useful charts so you are able to effectively visualise your fragmentation profile for each Installation and complete the required analysis to facilitate blast optimisation for downstream impact.

Run Charts provide the most granular information with the ability to view detailed information for each Sample in the dataset (refer to Working with FRAGTrack Run Charts), whereas the Cumulative and Frequency Distribution Charts display a consolidated view of the data within each Filter.

Select the Cumulative Distribution tab to view the cumulative distribution chart. This chart can be used to interpret the cumulative distribution of each current Filter.

To learn more about configuring your own custom Filters, refer to Adding an Insight Filter and using Defaults.

Select the Frequency Distribution tab to view the frequency distribution. This chart can be used to visualise each Filter by the cumulative distribution.

Select the Rosin-Rammler Distribution tab to view the Rosin-Rammler distribution. This chart can be used to interpret the Rosin-Rammler distribution for each filter.



On all charts, the Mass Percent Passing (%) is reflected in the y-axis, with the Particle Size reflected on the x-axis. Highlighting either chart will display info bubbles with additional information.

Note - It is not possible to change the order of each Insight Filter, so the most practical way to compare your Insight data is to select or deselect the Filters that you would like to compare.

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May 2020

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