FRAGTrack™ - Including blasts in your filters

FRAGTrack - Adding Blasts Boundaries in your Filters

Blast Boundaries allow you to further refine your Insight Filters using the geographic regions associated with your Blasts. A Blast Boundary will restrict your Filter to sample data within the spatial geography specific to each blast selected.

Note - there is no way to visualise the boundary for each blast (i.e. on a map or similar). Geotagged samples are displayed in existing charts for any matching Filters - refer to Adding an Insight Filter and using Defaults.

If your site has blasts recorded in BlastIQ (i.e. via Blast Control), these will be automatically geotagged for the associated blast and will be available to you as options when adding or editing your Insight Filters (from the ‘Boundaries’ dropdown menu).

Blasts are available in addition to the Installation dropdown from the Filter settings modal (selecting a Blast Boundary is optional).

When you select multiple Blasts Boundaries, you will be limited to selecting a single Installation, OR if you select multiple Installations it is only possible to choose a single Blast Boundary. Note - error messages will be displayed if these conditions are not met and you will not be able to save changes to your current Filter.

Selecting a Blast Boundary will limit the data that is returned in Run Charts and Exports by; the geographic area, and; time/date range in which the Blast/s took place.

If no Blasts are selected, all data for the current Installations in the selected time/date range will be returned in the Run Charts and Exports.

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 May 2020

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