SHOTPlus - Release Notes

Released 15th April 2020


**New Feature**

New Hole Volume tool - KBA Here


Mismatched hole type names are now prompted to be updated upon download from BlastIQ

Mismatched Material type names are now prompted to be updated upon download from BlastIQ

Import of a single profile trace value is now available under the standard import fields

Text Export - Hole volume design & actual values are now available for export

Profile Loading Alternatives - Minimum deck and trigger distances units added

Hole Table - Hole Diagram - Reworded “Updated Loading” to “Updated Design Loading”

Loading Rules - Added option to reapply loading rules upon import of profile trace data

Hole Volumes - Design & Actual hole volume columns are now available in the hole table

Volume Overview - Added a settings icon shortcut

Blast Properties - Volume Calculation - Added show volumes and show tonnage options

BlastIQ Upload – Loading applied to holes using unsupported BlastIQ system rules are now marked as truncate (locks rules from being reapplied in the field)

BlastIQ Upload - Supported Rules are now able to be uploaded when the rule set contains unsupported system rules

MWD references updated to profile logging

SHOTPlus BlastIQ history is now cleared when exporting/saving as a new plan name in BlastIQ

Strata will now be uploaded to BlastIQ for any hole that;

  • Has strata intercepts
  • Was loaded with a rule containing strata intercepts

Text Import - Focus is now kept on the current list view area when switching fields

Hole Volume - Coal segments in the volume table are now shaded

Hole Profile Logging Tool - Repositioning of “Copy from text” location



**Bug Fixes**

 Fixed issues with;

Exception Error - Error Code 400 - Hole Length greater than 0 rule condition

Fast Reports - Incorrect hole ordering in some fast reports

Black Background - Hole state legend text was incorrectly set to black

Initiation Rules - Adding new range was displaying the wrong charge number

File Import - Missing menu items in Premier version

Hole Table - Incorrect selection of holes when using Previous & Next buttons for a multiple hole selection

Hole Volume - Not Drilled (0 depth) holes were displaying as negative volume values

Time Envelope - PPV option & monitoring points were unavailable

Not Drilled (0 length) BlastIQ export exception error

Hole table - Hole Data - Actuals Column was not toggling with show actuals check box

Hole type name mismatch error displayed incorrectly in some scenarios

Loading table inconsistency in some files when uploading to BlastIQ

Profile alternatives - Incorrect conversion of Test Values

Initiation Rules - Incorrect display of imperial values

Hole Table - History Measurements - Incorrect Imperial display

Deregister Surface - Exception Error

Reset Actuals - Unable to clear actual depth in some scenarios

Hole Table - Comment field was not retaining entered text

Simultaneous importing of actual and drill depth fields were not being handled correctly

Exceptions error when copying & pasting

Volume Calculations - Included cubic meters annotation on the g/cm3

Text Import - Material Type field was not being recognised correctly

BlastIQ Import Exception Error- Material Type Mismatch

Loading Rules - Non explosives decks in the loading rules were incorrectly being drawn in italics

Loading Rules - Tables - Added validation when only 1 length is present

Exception Error – System null reference exception

BlastIQ Import - Exception Error

Upload to BlastIQ - Exception Error

Legend - WEBS ID was incorrectly visible in hole legend for non-WebGen blasts

BlastIQ Import - Hole Types not consistent with Tolerances import error

Volume Tool - Selected volume was not showing

Fast Report - RPTConsumption data source exception error

Text Import - Heading focus was incorrectly switching to the first data column when changing field groups

Text Export - Removal of duplicate Actual Length field

Hole Profile Logging- Copying a profile from a hole with no profile caused an exception error



Text Import - Temporarily removed temperature field

Text Export - Removal of redundant field “Length”

Text Import - Removal of actual hole type and actual material type from measurements tab

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