SHOTPlus - Release Notes

Released 29th April 2020 Release notes – SHOTPlus (6) Production

**New Feature**



Initiation Rules: Edit design range – Dets are now ordered via position

Volume overview: Updated last segment to “Intercept to toe”

Updated wording of MWD to Profile Log in loading rule conditions

Temporarily removed temperature from loading rule conditions

Exception view: Renamed MWD to Profile log exception

Volume overview: Grade is now visible in the volume overview when selected in the visibility manager

Loading Tables - Updated start length to >than & end length to <= for tables segments

BlastIQ Upload - Drill length export - Drill length removed as an actual measurement for upload to BlastIQ


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Tie Snap Area - Area was not reflecting a change to imperial or metric settings

BlastIQ Import - Import error after adding hole in BlastIQ mobile

Error 400 - Strata Intercepts but no strata interval definitions

Volume overview settings: abbreviation was incorrectly displayed as tne

Units in profile alternates were misaligned

Volume overview: A new hole selection was not refreshing the selected volumes field

A change in hole type was incorrectly causing the updated design to use the design length instead of the drilled length

Exception Error - Deck History Update

Wet State - Incorrect Wet state due to an error with reading tolerances

Edit design range dialogue box resized to correctly fit all headings

Actual Depth was not able to be entered in the edit dialogue of a hole

A measured depth was incorrectly updating the design volume

Inability to reposition a hole that was added by BlastIQ Mobile

Make monitor point graphic sit on top of other on-screen elements

Add pattern dialog - Use Ratio button - Burden was not automatically updating in response to a spacing value edit

Initiation Rules - Hole diameter was incorrectly displayed as metric when set to imperial measurements



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