- SHOTPlus Beta - Release Notes – SHOTPlus (6) Beta Version - Release Notes 

Released 22nd April 2020


**New Feature**



[SP6-490] - Loading Tables - Updated start length to >than & end length to <= for tables segments

[SP6-489] - BlastIQ Upload - Drill length export - Drill length removed as an actual measurement for upload to BlastIQ


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-493] - Exception Error - Deck History Update

[SP6-491] - Wet State - Incorrect Wet state due to an error with reading tolerances

[SP6-494] - Edit design range dialogue box resized to correctly fit all headings

[SP6-495] - Actual Depth was not able to be entered in the edit dialogue of a hole

[SP6-496] - A measured depth was incorrectly updating the design volume

[SP6-497] - Inability to reposition a hole that was added by BlastIQ Mobile

[SP6-500] - Make monitor point graphic sit on top of other on-screen elements

[SP6-498] - Add pattern dialog - Use Ratio button - Burden was not automatically updating in response to a spacing value edit

[SP6-499] - Initiation Rules - Hole diameter was incorrectly displayed as metric when set to imperial measurements



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