BlastIQ™ Insights April/May 2020 Release

BlastIQ™ Insights Release Notes

Update – 19th May 2020


New Features 


Explosive and Accessories Export 

Columns for all explosive products and accessories have been added to the Export Blast – All Fields on the Blast Table and to the Export Holes – All Fields on the Hole Table for detail on recorded products against a hole. One column per product that has an actual record is included in each of the export options. 
Note: New products are only available in the form of .csv exports. Boosters, Packaged and Initiation columns on the Blast table don’t consider the quantities for the new entered products in other BlastIQ applications. 


Monitoring Points Export 

Columns containing the max PPV and AOP values for each monitoring point have been included in the Export Blasts – All Fields. 



Export Blasts – All Fields and Export Holes – All fields options in the Blast and Hole tables respectively have been enhanced to improve the time it takes to download the file. 



Update – 29th April 2020


New Features


Accessories Summary

BlastIQ™ gives the ability to capture initiation and accessories at a hole and blast level in BlastIQ™ Mobile, a summary of the captured products is displayed in the Explosives & Initiation section on the Blast Details tab in a blast, CSV file export of this data will be available in a future release. To learn more about Initiation and Accessories click here.

Top Stemming Summary Table

A new Top stemming table has been added to the Hole Information section on the Blast Details tab for a blast.


Progress Dashboard - Improvements

Improved Filter by Selection

After clicking Apply on the Blast Selection tool, the unselected blasts will be hidden from the Map. Clicking on the Selection tool again unhides all the blasts available for selection.

Custom Date Range Filter

The Progress Dashboard shows the ‘Last 3 days’ as the default Date Range Filter and clicking on it to modify it opens up the From and To calendars to pick a custom date range. An error message will appear if the date range includes more than 30,000 holes (5,000 for Test environment) and suggest them to change the date range selection. This is intended to ensure a good performance of the Dashboard.

Hybrid Chart and Map Interaction

Clicking on any of the bars representing a blast in the hybrid chart makes the zoom and pan in the map to focus on the particular blast and opens the tool tip with the blast name and other blast details. This will allow the users to quickly identify a blast in the chart on the map.

Hole Symbols

The map displays the location on the holes in the map a certain zoom level.

Tasks Remaining - Info Box

An Information icon has been added to the Task Remaining section of the Progress Dashboard, clicking on that icon displays information about the considerations for the displayed metrics on that section.

  • Fixes
  • Seismograph Calibration date was not saving properly.
  • The “Last Updated” date and user changed without user saving Blast Details Edit.
  • Holes marked as over or underloaded in the Hole View were not counted in the Over/Under Loaded Holes chart in the Analytics page.
  • Product Names overlapping in the Hole Diagram view


Released - 7th April 2020


New Features


New Appearance

  • In addition to an at-a-glance Progress Dashboard, the modules have been rearranged and renamed for better clarity.
  • The Site Map has been incorporated into the Dashboard module
  • The ‘Insights’ module has been renamed ‘Analytics’
  • The ‘Blasts’ module has been renamed ‘Blast Details’

New Progress Dashboard

The new progress dashboard has been built to allow users to control in near real-time the progress of the drill and blast process and objectively keep track of the tasks remaining to close a blast to help avoid any delays in planned blast schedules. The Dashboard has an auto-refresh every 5 minutes that will surface the latest available data. It also keeps most of the site map capabilities.

For more details the New Progress Dashboard, click here.

New Loaded Weight Chart

The new loaded weight chart is in the Analytics section, under the Viewing – Activity option.

This chart displays the aggregated loaded weight by Equipment name according to the selected Date Range, taking into account the moment when the deck weight value was entered or last modified in BlastIQ™ Mobile or LOADPlus™.

For more details on the New Loaded Weight Chart, click here.

New Data Export Options

BlastIQ™ provides a variety of options for exporting data. These can be found under the Export button of the Blast and Hole Tables.

For more details the New Data Export Options, click here.



  • Blasts are no longer able to be given a future fire date.
  • Removed the issue that caused auto-refresh to populate hole table with incorrect data.
  • Corrected an issue where blasts would occasionally appear with unknown coordinates.
  • Fixed the issue where certain DXF files were not appearing in the site map.
  • Histograms count of holes not matching total holes in the blast.
  • Decimal rounding not assigning holes to the right Histogram bin.
  • Stemming length entered in BlastIQ™ Mobile not updating the horizon of the deck below
  • Cases of mismatching Hole States compared to BlastIQ™ Mobile
  • Cases of blasts with missing holes
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