BlastIQ™ Loaded Weight Chart

The New BlastIQ™ Loaded Weight Chart is in the Analytics section, under the Viewing – Activity (1) option.

This chart displays the aggregated loaded weight by Equipment name according to the selected Date Range, taking in account the moment when the deck weight value was entered or last modified in BlastIQ™ Mobile or LOADPlus.


All date/times considered in the Site’s Time Zone.

Change Filters (2)

Extra filters to filter data by Blast Type, Pit, Bench and Tertiary Division (if configured) are available.

Equipment Toggle On/Off (3)

The user can click on the colour box on the legend for a specific Equipment and toggle it on/off, this will display or hide the selected equipment from the bar chart but will not affect the Total and Average summary values. All Equipment are turned on by default.

Equipment Name Not Selected (4)

Latest versions of BlastIQ™ Mobile and LOADPlus assign the Device Name as the Equipment name to avoid getting a ‘null’ value. Older versions send ‘null’ as the Equipment name if the Equipment was not selected. (4)

Availability of data (5)

This chart uses the BlastIQ™ Deck Measurements data that is only available from 1st October 2019.

Total Loaded Weight (6)

This value is calculated for all the Equipment in the Date Range selected and regardless of them being toggled on or off in the chart.

Average Loaded Weight (7)

This value is calculated from the Total Loaded Weight and divides it by the number of Day, Week or Month (depending on the “Insights by” option selected) within the Date Range. The week always starts on a Monday and an entire week is considered even if only one day of that week is within the Date Range filter.

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