BlastIQ Mobile April 2020 Release

Orica will releasde an update to BlastIQ Mobile on 23 April, 2020. The current available version is v1.4.5116. 

 A notification will appear in the BlastIQ Mobile app on start-up once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from the specialist.

For further information on an update to the software, please contact the Support Team at or via the web

Features included in the April release

Display more information associated with a blasthole:

  • Clicking the more options in the list view will display more information associated with a blasthole (hole type, material type, coordinates)
  • More information will also be displayed when adding a hole on the device (this relates to additional functionality mentioned further down).



Preview next hole:

  • Within the charging panel, users can preview the next blast hole and record QA measurements against it. This feature will enable users who don't have LOADPlus trucks to streamline their loading process.



Increase in screen area in list view:

  • Modifications have been made to the list view to increase the available space in the list so that more than 3 lines are visible on a tablet.



Full screen map view:

  • Users will have the option to expand the map view to take up the whole screen area using the expand button on the map.




Copy of functionality:

  • When adding a hole in the field, users can select to copy parameters from an existing design blasthole (material type, hole type, elevation, diameter).
  • Loading rules will apply to field added holes when the copy of functionality is used
  • Existing add hole functionality has been maintained
  • Further information can be found here.




  • Empty deck slots still visible in the list view of the charging panel when a hole marked as not drilled
  • Total number of holes in the blast progress not updating when holes deleted in SHOTPlus and plan is re-exported to BlastIQ
  • Display issue when holes loaded in loadplus have an inserted deck and no top of deck value recorded
  • Hole table rules not applying correctly
  • Unknown strata intervals not recording the truncation cross hatching

Other Improvements/Changes:

  • Updates to the notes icon
  • Improvements to the layout of pre-defined comments in the notes section for languages other than English
  • Removal of secondary note from search screen
  • Inclusion of hole type and material type to the csv export
  • Display more characters in the hole ID in the list view 
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