- SHOTPlus Beta Version - Release Notes

Released 24th March 2020 - SHOTPlus Beta Version - Release Notes

**New Feature**



[SP-947] - WebGen 100 - Requested printed report updates

  • Rectified incorrect page number

  • Removed border around the WebGen™ logo

  • Renamed report 'GID Encoding Report'

  • Removed 'Time' (start and end) and updated to 'Date'

  • Number of dets are now automatically calculated

  • 'Blast No.' changed to 'Blast Name'

  • Reordered 'Name' below 'Blast Name' & 'Number of dets' fields

  • Removed 'Errors'.

[SP-944] - WebGen 100 - File export updates

  • Export a separate .csv file for each encoder

  • Export in encoding path order for each .csv file

  • Included a new “encoding order” coloumn for sorting if required


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP-936] - European Report - Incorrect drawing of the 3D Burden

[SP-937] - Fragmentaton Map - Added additional warnings added when explosives products do not contain the required data to complete the modelling.

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