BlastIQ Mobile February 2020 Release

Orica will release an update to BlastIQ Mobile on 5 February 2020. 

 A notification will appear in the BlastIQ Mobile app on start-up once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from the specialist.

For further information on an update to the software, please contact the Support Team at or via the web

Features included in the February release

Update to Hole Diagram:

  • Zoom feature has been introduced on both the design and actual side of the charging panel
  • Decks on the diagram itself can be selected in a stacked product card scenario to bring that card to the top of the stacked deck.


  • Error value not being rounded to 1 decimal place in the deck edit key pad
  • Jumping hole diagram on the charging panel
  • Need to enter data multiple times in the charging panel.

Other Improvements/Changes:

  • Removal of the option to turn on swipe to create a path and the north indicator - these will now be available at all times
  • Removal of the diagram on the actual side of the diagram when an invalid design message is returned on the design side
  • Addition of a "no content" message for the drill plan page when no plans are available on BlastIQ Mobile.
  • Snackbar modified to allow for longer messages
  • Removal of the message on the drill plan page for the removal of blasts from the device
  • Any inferred/calculated values are now hidden from view.
  • Updates to csv export
  • Placement of the more options on a deck at the bottom of the diagram
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