SHOTPlus™ Release Notes - v5.7.10


Released - 2nd March 2020



**New Feature**

 [SP-927] - New File Import options for:

  • DeviShot STR

  • DeviShot CSV

  • DeviGyro CSV



[SP-931] - MWD Strata Definition Rules - Added the ability to save/load rules


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP-922] - Exceptions View - Print preview - Incorrect size for the exceptions cirlcles

[SP-933] - Hole Profile Tool - Unable to be opened in the Premier version


Version - Technical releases, no changes to user functionality.



Released 4th February 2020




[SP-924] - Edit Surfaces - Restored the Expand Surface functionality


** Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP-925] - Refresh issue when expanding surfaces



Released 3rd February 2020




Improved handling of imported logger data containing special characters for Hole Types

Improved scaling of exceptions view circles when printing


** Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

BlastIQ Import;

  • Deck weight values were being imported incorrectly in some instances

  • Download of loading rules was unable to read diameter - Download of loading rules is now disabled

  • Tolerances import checkbox was greyed out

BlastIQ Classic Upload - Vibration prediction was failing when holes contained 0 length decks

Manual Intercepts - Intercepts entered after a strata surface was expanded were in some instances displaying the intercepts incorrectly



Released 20th January 2020



**New Feature**

Intercepts - View intercepts and labels in the plan view

Intercepts - Define a default colour for intercepts

Adding holes to a row - Add holes to the left or right of a row

Intersection of surfaces - Create the intersection of multiple surfaces

Surface - Expand a surface to a polygon

Define rules for auto-recognition of strata layers against imported gamma traces

Auto recognition of coal seams (from predefined rules)



New Row - Step function for naming of holes in a new row

Renaming Rows - Step function for renaming holes

Edit Row - Navigate between rows with out the need to exit the tool

DXF Import - Default option changed to “Ungroup Points”

DXF Import - New loading progress bar

Surface / Polyline Cropping - Auto prompt for the new layer to save cropped surfaces

Surface Manager - Actual layer name used to register the surface is now displayed

Ability to reassign all intercepts in the hole

Gamma Import - Original .las file name is now able to be used

Hole Profile Logging;

  • New Profile Logging Tool icon added to the toolbar which allows access to the Hole Profile trace when using other tools such as the section view

Added the ability to;

  • Select a new hole when the Hole Profile Logging Tool is open
  • Edit an existing intercept value by draging up or down
  • View the hole profile trace next to the loading in the hole table
  • Apply strata rules to only holes with traces that do not have intercepts assigned
  • Apply strata rules to the entire trace length not just to the hole depth

Polygon - New text editing functions for polygons - Colour, text size, auto align text orientation to viewer

Improved handling of logged i-kon det ID’s when importing loading data from BlastIQ


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Fill Polygon Tool - Hole Type Refresh Issue

DXF Import of white polylines and points not showing on white background

Monte Carlo - Vibration Prediction error

Logger Leadin - Displaying incorrect inhole wire length

Set Time Tool - Ctrl + Click was incorrectly setting the time of the hole

Exception Error when applying loading rules resulting in 0 length decks

Text Import - Material type exception error

Added holes to the start of a row were being assigned an incorrect chainage value

Application of Loading Rules - Rules were applying incorrectly to the measured length and not the design length in some scenarios

Strata Rules - Intercepts were not being recognised correctly in some instances

Strata Intercepts - Intercepts Incorrectly changing when a 0m intercept was registered



**Created New Accessory - Paraplug

**Created New Accessory - Taponex

**Created New Accessory - Globo


** Available for LATAM region only.


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