BlastIQ Mobile January 2020 Release

Orica released an update to BlastIQ Mobile on 21 January 2020. The current version available is v1.4.4449.

 A notification will appear in the BlastIQ Mobile app on start-up once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from the specialist.

For further information on an update to the software, please contact the Support Team at or via the web

Features included in the January release

Update to .NET Framework:

Improved Navigation to Charging Panel:

  • A setting has been included in the map setting options to allow users to choose to navigate directly from the map to the charging panel of the selected hole. Closing the charging panel brings the user back to the map view.



Software Opens as an Application:

  • The BlastIQ Mobile software has been packaged to look like an application
  • When the software is started, it will open in full screen mode
  • Closing the application will now close the command window in the background
  • Further information can be found here

Improved Exit Option:

  • Introduction of an Exit option in the main menu. Selecting this option will exit the software.  
  • Removal of the Shutdown and Restart options from the main menu.



Improved Display of Error Messages and Notifications:

  • Messages and Notifications have been moved to a message drawer
  • New messages will slide out from the right side of the screen and will remain for a short period of time. They will then be available in the message drawer
  • Information messages can be cleared, notifications (backfill or redrill) will remain in the drawer until all actions have been addressed.



More Filter Options:

  • More filter options have been included for both the list and map views


Changes to the Hole Diagram:

  • The horizon/depth to top of deck field has been moved from the left hand side of the diagram and is now available in the deck card. This has been replaced by a ruler on the left hand side of the diagram.
  • The diameter has been removed from the bottom of the diagram on both the design and actual side as this is available at the top of the charging panel
  • Water is displayed on the left hand side of the diagram on the actual side of the charging panel
  • The diagram is now scaled so that it appears on one page rather than having to scroll the diagram


  • For multi-deck scenarios where there are smaller decks, the product cards will stack on top of each other. The product cards can be swiped or tapped to move to the next card. The bottom most deck in the hole has it's product card displayed first. The selected deck is highlighted by the black line to the right of the deck.



  • Deck warnings for over/under loaded now appear in place of the pencil on the product card rather than beside it. Users can still interact with this button to edit the actual deck information if required.


  • If a hole has shrunk to zero length, it will be indicated by a red line, and when this deck is selected in a stack of product cards, it will be highlighted by a red triangle next to the red line.


Improved Display of Error Messages in the Deck Edit Keypad

  • A warning icon is displayed next to the field that has the error message
  • Click on the warning icon to view what the associated error message is



Other Improvements/Changes:

  • Updates to Portuguese translations
  • Inclusion of more pre-defined comments: Angle, Fault, Pre-gassed stemming, Gas Bag, Overdrilled, Redrilled
  • Updated buttons for filter, sort, set path, add deck - the text has been removed
  • Removal of the username from the top header bar and the associated option to logout - this information and option is available in the main menu
  • Updated workflow for "add deck" - users are now required to add the information for the deck before it is added to the diagram or list view for the hole
  • Improvements to the deck edit keypad to show a disabled state 
  • Changes to top stemming deck - the top stemming deck on the actual side of the charging panel will recalculate based on the information entered for the deck below. This will pre-fill the deck edit keypad, however users will still be able to edit this value.
  • Updates to the export



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