SHOTPlus™ Release Notes - v5.7.9


Hot Fix Release Notes – SHOTPlus™ Production – Version

Released 2nd Dec 2019

** Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

EBS - Manually timed hole unintentionally reprogrammed

Manually Edited Loading - Incorrect adjustment of loading design

Manually Timed Holes - Timing incorrectly updating in response to a depth change



Hot Fix Release Notes – SHOTPlus™ Production – Version

Released 4th Nov 2019

** Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Some initiators were not being included in the rules application when 0 length decks were present



Production Release notes – SHOTPlus Production Version

 Released 23rd October 2019


**New Feature**

EBS Tie Tool - New Swipe to tie functionality. KBA Here 



MSW - Improvement to memory management when running multiple calculations.

* Validation introduced to handle opening files with 12 seams when licenced for use of 6 seams.

Updated export format for WebGen. .



Fixed issues with;

Hole type design defaults - Wet state tolerance in the was incorrectly displaying metric when set to display in imperial.

Removal of redundant volume calculation setting - "Blasted volume uses sub-drill" 

Import of BlastIQ data was in some instances clearing logged i-kon ID's  

The DXF export was incorrectly exporting a comma separator in certain regional settings

Explosives decks containing no initiation were not being recognised as a misfire  

Hole type design defaults - subdrill changes where incorrectly being carried to other hole types 

Incorrect import of .ikn file when containing more than 2 blasters


*SHOTPlus Premier only



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