Next Generation BlastIQ™ Latest 2019 Release

UPDATE - 5 December 2019



  • Addition of a "Top Stemming" view option and histogram
    • This map will show if holes are over or under-stemmed
    • To view for a particular blast, 1. Select Hole Details, 2. Select Hole View, 3. Select Top Stemming
    • Tolerance must be set by a site administrator in the admin portal
      • Tolerances must be set in metric even if the site is in imperial
    • Hole status will only be visible for blasts uploaded after the tolerances have been set
  • In downloading the blast table, the user now has the choice to download those columns currently displayed or download all columns immediately


  • Previously uploaded layers are visible in the layer manager in the admin portal

UPDATE - 14 November 2019


  • Default Column Selection has been added to the hole table.
  • Hole Table button opens a dropdown list. This is to allow the export of all fields for holes and decks in the future
  • Site Admin able to enter site level tolerances for top stemming length in Admin Portal


  • KPI's are again visible in the blast table
  • Videos no longer return an error when uploaded to Blast Media tab
  • Blast Fire Date was being translated to UTC in the Blast Summary Banner

UPDATE - 24 October 2019


  • Addition of Top Stemming Length to the Hole Table
  • List of Metrics have been added next to the Loading and Water Histograms
  • New ‘Export All fields’ option in the Blast Table.


  • Fonts were not Roboto in certain parts of the application
  • Scenario where Actual length was not entered and there were valid deck to display.
  • 'Average Design Weight per Hole' Calculation fixed in the Blast Details page, Loading table.
  • Loaded Weight Chart Updated Design weight was showing nothing when Insights by Day, Week, Month.
  • When two or more blasts were selected as a multi-blast the data was not correctly presented in the hole table or exported as a .csv.



The following are the list of features, improvements and fixes that have been developed since the early July release.



  • Histogram charts are now available in the bottom part of the plan view in Hole Details > Hole View for Drilling, Loading and Wet/Dry views. This new feature is intended to help the analysis by providing a distribution visualization of the supported metrics. It is available for both Single and Multi-Blast views and allows to change the interval in which the holes are aggregated.

Note: The List of metrics next to the histograms for Loading and Amount of Water are still in development and will be released middle October.

Hole Cross Section

  • A Hole Cross Section view is now available in addition of the Deck List when clicking on a hole in the blast plan.
  • Design, Updated Design and Actual diagrams are displayed to provide a view of the original design intended by the engineer, the latest loading instruction in the field and the actual condition of the hole.


Grouping all Charts within "Fired Blasts"

  • Click on the “Viewing” drop down menu in Insights charts page to select “Fired Blasts” to see all of the charts that use data from blasts with a valid fire date.


Loading - Updated Design

Loading Weight comparisons will now compare Updated Design and Actuals when available in order to reflect execution of the latest loading instructions given to the bench crew.

  • All Loading differences calculations for Over/Under Loading; and Holes and Weight “Not Loaded Yet” will be done based on Updated Design and Actual values.
  • An additional "Updated Design". “bar has been included in the Loaded Weight chart in Insights.
  • New columns in the Hole Table with Updated Design information


Date Range in Open Blasts Charts

  • Open Blasts charts will display Blasts filtered based on the First Imported Date in the selected Date Range.
  • The Blasts are also sorted base on First Imported Date in both Open Blasts charts.
  • The default selection of Last 30 days is intended to de-clutter the screen in case the site has a considerable amount of Open Blasts.



Undelete a Blast

  • Users with write privileges can undelete a previously deleted blast. Click on a deleted blast by accessing the Deleted Blasts list on the Blasts table.
  • Undeleted blasts will reappear in LOADPlus and BIQ Mobile devices only if the blast does not have Fired Date and the blast is within the archive time duration. Please contact BlastIQ Support if you do not see an unfired blast reappear in mobile devices after undeleting it.


Clear Fired Date

  • Users with write privileges can clear the Fired Date in the Edit page of a blast.
  • If a blast has been ‘fired’ by mistake in BlastIQ Insights the user can now remove that fire date by entering to the Edit page within a blast, clear the fire date and time and save.
  • The blast will reappear in mobile devices only if the blast is within the archive time duration. If you do not see a blast after clearing the fired date reappear in LOADPlus and BIQ Mobile devices after undeleting it, please contact support.



Recalculation of Blast Location

  • When an Admin user modifies the 3 Known Points in the Admin portal for a site, the Site Map will automatically recalculate and update blast locations

Rename “Blast Comments” to “Customer Comments”

  • We have re-named the Blast Comments “Customer Comments” to be consistent with SHOTPlus Blast Outcome Summary naming convention. This field is passed through when exporting Blast Details from SHOTPlus.

Blasts Table Default Column Selection

  • A default column selection of is now applied to the Blasts Table to reduce the cluttering in the screen and increase user navigation. The remaining columns are still available to turn on in the Selected Columns Drop Down List.
  • As part of expanding the Blasts Table Export Button, a dropdown list is now displayed with export options.
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