BlastIQ™ Mobile - Deck Overloaded/Under Loaded Warnings


Release Date:
24th September 2019
KBA Summary:
This Knowledge Base Article provides an explanation of how warning messages are generated in cases of deck overloading or underloading in BlastIQ™ Mobile.


BlastIQ™ Mobile users are alerted about warning messages when the deck is either overloaded or underloaded, signifying that the load is either too heavy or too light for the deck. To maintain a secure and stable deck, it is necessary to respond appropriately to the warning messages by adding or removing weight from the load.


To navigate to the Deck warning options:

  1. Click the hamburger icon.Navigation1.png
  2. Select Preferences.Navigation2.png
  3. Navigate to the Deck warnings section and select the option to either show or hide the warnings.Navigation3.png
Warning Message

To view the warning message indicating an exceeded or underloaded tolerance limit, follow these steps:

  1. Open a plan.Warning1.png
  2. Open a hole with a tolerance limit that has been exceeded or underloaded.Warning2.png
  3. Tap on the alert icon.Warning3.png
  4. The warning message should be visible on the keypad.
    • Overload warning 'Deck has been overloaded according to design'.Warning4a.png
    • Underload warning 'Deck has been underloaded according to design'.Warning4b.png
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