SHOTPlus™ September 2019 Release Notes - v5.7.8

Release notes – SHOTPlus Beta Version


Released 16th September 2019


** New Feature**



** Improvement**

Laser Profile Import - Updated Import format for Pulse files & added support for additional formats

Boretrack Import - Updated Import format for Pulse files & added support for additional formats

Surface firing times - When "Display nominal times" is unchecked surface times now display accoridingly

Duplicate Hole Type names are now flagged on import and prevented from occurring in SHOTPlus

Provided new option to convert imported .dxf mesh objects to points

Text Import - Added ability to update Hole ID based on collar X,Y,Z

Fast Reports updated to the latest version

cBlast import - Updated to handle additional formating  

Initiation Ties - MSC ties updated to improve recognition and readability 


** Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Inconsistancies with Hole Table & Edit Loading Hole Diagram

0 length decks were incorrectly showing initiation & boosters

Create center of mass for Polygon was calculating incorreclty

Selected Grips were showing incorrectly as solid when selected

0 Length explosives decks were incorrectly being classed as misfires

BlastIQ Export - Error in deck ordering

Leica Export - Bearing was being exported 180 degrees out

Reapply Loading Rules upon BlastIQ Import was deleting logged i-kon detonators

WebGen Export - Export formatting error 

Copy & Paste of grouped objects was causing an exception error  

DIPPlus Import - Incorrect handlining of imported of stemming decks

BlastIQ Import - Remove holes option wording change from "Remove holes not present in Plan" to "Delete SHOTPlus holes not present in BlastIQ Plan"

BlastIQ Import - Actual loading not being accepted for holes with no design decks

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