SHOTPlus™ July 2019 Release Notes - v5.7.7

  **HOTFIX RELEASE ** 22nd July 2019

Hot Fix Release Notes – SHOTPlus™ Production – Version

** Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

Material Boundaries not being recognised in some circumstances


 **HOTFIX RELEASE ** 22nd July 2019

Hot Fix Release Notes – SHOTPlus™ Production – Version

** Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with

IREDES Export - Added option to swap x,y upon export

Exceptions View - Loading Accuracy by mass was not displaying amount over/under loaded

Text Import - Import of Hole Type was in some instances incorrectly applying Hole Type Defaults


 **HOTFIX RELEASE ** 10th July 2019

Hot Fix Release Notes – SHOTPlus™ Production – Version

** Bug Fix**

Fixed issue with;

Upload to BlastIQ was overwriting designs with actuals in certain circumstances


 **PRODUCTION RELEASE**  9th July 2019

Release Notes – SHOTPlus™ Production – Version

This update is available as an auto update notification upon start-up or it can be manually downloaded and installed from (Here)

Features, Improvements, & Bug fixes included included in the July release;


New Features

Added option to automatically create & update strata surfaces when importing intercept values - (KBA Here)



Improved the handling of files with large point sets

Added ability to batch import .las files for hole profile logging - (KBA Here)

Added ability to clear all strata intercept values

AVM Menu items moved to BlastIQ Quarry

Pressing the shift + middle mouse button will now enable 3D rotate

Blaster Import - Time out and buffer size increased

Text File Import -  New actual value import fields;

  • Backfill (length)
  • Deck 1- 8 - Weight values
  • Deck 1 - 8 - Horizon Values (top of deck)
  • Final Stemming (length)

Removed rounding from BlastIQ export

Improved handling of BlastIQ downloads where regions use comma as decimal delimitter

Added warning when uploading to BlastIQ where unsupported system loading rules are present in the SHOTPlus file

Loading Table Improvements

  • Table will now populate product names for decks
  • Graph is now inverted to align the hole view to the collar
  • Bottom graph axis has been removed
  • New length can now be specified first when adding a new length


Bug fixes

Fixed issues with;

Fragmentation Map - Hole volume calculation discrepancy

Text Importer - Import of Actual stemming was being handeled incorrectly 

.bml Import - Actual stemming values were not being populated in the hole table

Design Length was unable to be edited in the hole table

Front row profile tool - Bearing error

Download from BlastIQ to a blank file was setting design length incorrectly

Quantities - Hole diameter rounding display Issue

Fastreport not displaying data for decks above air or stemming

Hole diagram drawing issue upon first import

Incorrect design depth sent upon re-upload to BlastIQ 

Blank backfill product error upon import from BlastIQ

Filter and search dialog state was not being maintained after a SHOTPlus restart

Filtered by logger was allowing hidden ties to be selected

Import of hole type was not setting the correct asscoiated diameter 

Fragmentation Prediction - setting of "Drill Angle 90 is vertical" caused an exception error

Text File Import - Skip Column field was throwing an error when used

Text File Import - Error was occuring when importing a Dip Length in a .csv file containing blank fields

Text File Import - Error was occuring with some .csv files that contained unsupported fields or formatting

Backfill in Blast Properties was sending backfill when backfill was un-checked

Adjust intervals -  If an adjusted hole matched the firing time of the first hole of the timing tool, then this could in some cases, due to manually timed holes, cause out of sequence timing for a subsequent re-application of the timing tool. 

Logger II Import Error - Error occured when applying loading to imported extra holes where non-EBS initiation was contained in the loading rules.

Mark out tool - Selected hole was not being recognised when markout tool was first opened

Some surface ties where missing tails

Unable to delete rows with delete key or trash button

Vibration Prediction - Some changes were not being saved when exiting dialouge screens

Actual weight was not being displayed correctly in the actual hole diagram when editing a single hole

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