How to define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Next Generation BlastIQ Insights

Note: Setup, editing, and removal of KPIs can only be done by Site Admins.

KPI Brief Overview

NOTE: KEY can only be defined at the time of creation and becomes uneditable once set.



Creating a KPI:

Log into the admin site at or by selecting Admin from the Dropdown Menu on Insights


Please consult this article if you are unfamiliar with the Admin Portal:

Click on the site you want to add the KPI for and scroll down to the KPI module and click Add New



Editing/Deleting a KPI

Click on a created KPI to open KPI details


Click the Actions Drop down menu to enter the Edit screen or to delete the KPI



Create/Edit Screen


  • All fields must be filled in to save or create a KPI
  • Order must have a positive whole number (i.e. 1,2,3…)



Cost of Blast:


Note: This is a special type of KPI with additional functionality. A KPI that uses COST as the key will automatically populate a graph in Insights and provide cost per unit volume and cost per unit weight metrics in the blast table.


Fuel Used (Example of Numeric Type):



Shovel Operator (Example of Text Type):



Shot Cleared Date (Example of Date Type):



Shot Cleared Time (Example of Time Type):



Inputting Values to KPI – Can be done by any user


KPI Entry Screen can be found by:

- Selecting a blast via the blast table or site map

- Clicking the edit button in the top right corner

- Select KPIs & Measures tab


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