Blast plan firing and auto-archiving

A blast plan uploaded to BlastIQ from SHOTPlus will become available almost immediately for QA/QC and loading on BlastIQ Mobile and BlastIQ enabled MMUs (field devices). As more plans are uploaded, users of field devices may find the display of blast plans becomes cluttered and on some devices, performance may degrade.


There are three mechanisms to archive plans in the BlastIQ field systems:

  1. Firing a blast in BlastIQ Insights (by entering a firing time) will remove the plan from field devices.
  2. Deleting a blast in BlastIQ Insights will remove the plan from field devices.
  3. Blasts will be automatically removed 60 days after they were first uploaded from SHOTPlus.


To ensure field device users have the best experience, it is recommended to upload plans shortly before they are required on field devices and to always enter a firing time in BlastIQ Insights after a blast has been fired.


How to view blasts older than 60 days on your BlastIQ Mobile device?

(Requires BlastIQ Mobile Version 1.3.3555 and above)

 1 - Please select "ALL TIME"  while building a new device.


2 - In BlasIQ Mobile Tap mceclip0.png and select "Preferences"

3 - Please select "Do not hide any unfired blasts on this device", Under the heading "AUTO HIDE OLD UNFIRED BLASTS"


Note: unhiding old unfired blasts significantly decreases the device performance.

Be aware that doing this requires users to diligently mark blasts as fired in order to de-clutter the selection screens and maintain application performance.

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