Using the self-service admin area for BlastIQ Insights

NOTE: This feature is intended for BlastIQ Specialists and Site Admins, You must be a site administrator to use this feature.

Users with Admin level access to a site are able to add/edit/delete the following details:

  • Rock Geologies
  • Pits & Associated Benches
  • Blast Types
  • Critical Structures / Points of Interest
  • Seismographs
  • KPI’s
  • Site-Specific Coordinate System - Used in Integrated Sites only
  • Drilling & Loading Tolerances - Used in Integrated Sites only
  • Site Products
  • Removing Users
  • KPIs
  • Blast Tags - Used in Integrated Sites only

Note: Be certain when deleting a detail from a site, as you cannot undo this action. If you remove a user from a site in error, you will need to contact BlastIQ Support to re-add them.


1 - Log onto the Admin Portal

  • Log in with your BlastIQ credentials.
  • Select the site you wish to edit.
  • If you do not see the site you wish to edit, click the following form to submit a request for admin privileges for the site: BlastIQ User Request Form

2 - Editing Details
The site information blocks that you are able to edit will say “Edit” or “Add New” in the top right corner


Edit Screen
Clicking the “Edit” link will bring you to the edit screen for that block detail.

a. Type in the name of the detail you wish to add.

b. Click “Add” to save the detail to the site.

c. Click the Trashcan icon on an item to remove it from the site

d. You must click “Update Site” in order to save any changes made on this. Using the back button or clicking the site name will go back to the site page without making changes.

Rock Geologies, Blast Types, Drilling & Loading Tolerances, and Users are edited in this fashion

Add New Screen

Clicking the “Add New” link will allow you to add details to a block

a. Type in the name of the detail you wish to add. If it is an address, do not use commas.

b. Some fields only accept numeric entries. For coordinates, ensure that your entries are in degree decimal notation rather than degrees-minutes-seconds.

c. Checking “Add another” will allow you to return directly to this screen rather than being sent to the detail page.

d. Click the “Create” button to save the detail to the site. If “Add Another” is not clicked, you will be sent to the detail page

KPI’s, Pits, Critical Structures, and Seismographs are added in this fashion.

Detail Screen

Clicking anywhere on a detail denoted with an arrow will bring you that specific detail’s page.

a. A block will show all specifics associated with that detail

b. To Edit or Delete the detail, click the “Actions” dropdown

c. Clicking the edit button returns you to the setup screen and allows you to edit the fields.

d. Clicking the delete button deletes the detail. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the detail.


BlastIQ™ - Site admin Video Training

If you would like to request access, please contact your Site Manager.

For further information and to request new features please contact BlastIQ Support.

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