SHOTPlus™ April 2019 Release Notes - v5.7.6

SHOTPlus™ - version 5.7.6 was released on Monday the 15th of April 2019.

The update is available as an auto update notification upon start-up or it can be manually downloaded and installed from here

Features, Improvements, & Bug fixes included in the April release;



Hot Fix Release Notes – SHOTPlus™ Production – Version

Released 18th April 2019

** Bug Fixes**


BlastIQ import issue that occured when backfill was in the design loading but was not recorded in the actual loading

Text import issue where design length was not importing correctly

Copy and Paste function throwing exception error


New Features - Version

Release holes for visible holes only (KBA HERE)

Delete holes outside of a polygon (KBA HERE)

Apply loading rules automatically in response to BlastIQ Mobile or LOADPlus hole data import (KBA HERE)

Ability to set default settings for BlastIQ Upload/Download (KBA HERE)

Grid updates; (KBA HERE)

  • User selectable grid size
  • Snap points to grid
  • Snap holes to grid

New filter & search manager 

Hole proximity at depth exception report (KBA HERE)

Tranform Coordinate function - SHOTPlus Premier only



Ability to update an existing blast template (KBA HERE

Drill floor surface drop down moved to the drilling method box

A backfill deck will now automatically apply without the need to reapply loading rules (applies to holes with existing design loading only. Does not apply to empty holes)

 Re-apply loading rules function (KBA HERE)

Added quick select Apply, Empty & Re-apply buttons to the loading toolbar

Loading Rules – Apply, Empty, Re-apply function improvements

  • Selected holes will automatically pre-select the ‘selected holes’ option
  • Hidden holes will automatically pre-select the ‘All visible holes only’ option

Created New BlastIQ  Sub Menu - BlastIQ Quarry (KBA HERE)

New default BlastIQ Toolbar Created 

New BlastIQ Import/Export Icons for default toolbar (KBA HERE)

Variable decks that are shrunk to a 0 length are now hidden but not deleted

Entering a firing time is now restricted - future firing time entry is no longer permitted (KBA HERE)

Inferring actual final stemming values no longer applies

Improved blast boundary creation method (KBA HERE)

Hole Table - History drop down fields are now permanently visible 

Option to show only explosive products that have CPEX or IDEX data used in loading rules 

Manually Edited Loading - A length increase will now trigger backfill in all instances

Manually Edited Loading - A reduction in hole depth will no longer adjust a Manually Edited hole with the variable deck.

Manually Edited Loading - A reduction in hole length followed by an expansion of hole length will now apply the original Manually Edited Loading Design

Multiple French translation improvements

Use i-kon I in EBS settings is now unchecked by default

CPEX data will be used where both CPEX & IDEX data sets are present for modelling purposes

Updating diameter in BlastIQ Mobile will now syncronise with SHOTPlus


Bug fixes

Delay column was not showing in the initiation grid of the Edit Loading dialog

Merging files with user-defined delays in the Tie Tool could result in duplicated delays

Frozen object in the surface manager was able to be selected

Imported loading rules contained incorrect decking structure

Group of selected blast holes would not move as group

Fragmentation Prediction - Allow users to select a hole or groups of holes

Fragmentation Prediction - Rock export was not saving rock name correctly

Incorrect status displayed with LII Upload

Recording function in Visualise Timing was throwing an exception

Lead-in displays incorrect amount of decimal places when in imperial units

Invalid Blaster defined error upon Logger II export

Markout Tool - "direction to face" was not refreshing

Logger selection issue during import from logger

Incorrect display of Hole table stemming history values

Negative values were being produced for .csv export

Logged exceptions were not being exported for Logger II

Some actual horizon values were being rounded

Actual stemming product was not showing correctly in the hole diagram

Some inferred stemming values were being shown as actual values

Markout tool and Profile tool unable to reposition holes

Actual stemming was not importing correctly from BlastIQ Mobile

Regional setting (Turkish) encountered an issue when creating new file

In some instances backfill deck order was being imported incorrectly

Where a hole contained a stem deck at the bottom of the hole, some holes were having thier loading rule incorrectly applied

Surpac import - .str files were not having their depth applied correclty

When importing from BlastIQ a stemming product above an air deck was not importing correclty


Please share this information with your customers, so they are aware of the new features and improvements. 

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