BlastIQ Mobile April 2019 Release

Orica has released an update to BlastIQ Mobile on 10th April 2019 (version 1.2.2433).


A notification will appear in the BlastIQ Mobile app on start-up once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from the specialist.

Features included in the April release:


  • Basic GPS for positioning is available on the devices 
  • A north compass has been included on the map to assist in orientation.



  • Diameter is included in the hole list - this field can be edited as required
  • Diameter is a now a required field when adding a hole on the map view 


Path Setting:

  • Users can now swipe to create a path to enable faster and easier path creation


Bugs Fixed:

  • Hole list doesn't update automatically and requires a forced refresh
  • Actual depth field shows 0.0m when nothing is entered


Other Improvements/Changes:

  • Inclusion of hole status icons on the hole list
  • Up sync defaults to yes
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